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Online Manual


This tool allows you to convert PDF document to RTF file. A file with the .RTF file extension is a Rich Text Format file. While a normal text file stores only plain text, RTF files can include extra information about font style, formatting, images, and more.


1. Click Add, to select and add PDF files, or simply drag files from Windows Explorer.
You can add folder containing PDF files by clicking Add Folder button.
2. Click on PDF to RTF button on toolbar or select menu Action > Convert > PDF to RTF.
3. Select options.
4. Click OK and specify destination path, to convert files.


Format with tabs. Specifies how certain document elements, such as tabular data, need to be converted.


Process selected pages:
1,2,3 - processes first three pages
2-4 - processes pages 2,3 and 4
1,3-5 - processes pages 1,3,4 and 5.

Command Line

PDFShaper.exe pdftortf [source PDF] [destination RTF] [x for exit]
"C:\Program Files\PDF Shaper Professional\PDFShaper.exe" pdftortf "C:\input.pdf" "C:\output.rtf" - converts input.pdf file to output.rtf file

PDFShaper.exe pdftortf [PSL file with paths to PDF files] [destination folder] [x for exit]
"C:\Program Files\PDF Shaper Professional\PDFShaper.exe" pdftortf "C:\pdflist.psl" "C:\MyRTF" - converts all files from pdflist.psl and saves RTF files to MyRTF folder

Default or saved options will be used for command-line tasks.
Command line option is available in Premium and Professional edition only.