Release Notes

PDF Shaper v8.6

Released 18-Sep-2018
Version history

New Features
• New text extraction method.
• Option to select pages in "PDF to TXT" tool.

• Updated installer and translations.
• Updated user interface in PDF Viewer.
• DOC to PDF updates:
  - PDF/A support.
  - Improved support for shapes and additional shapes.
  - Support for Unicode and RTL text.
  - Improved support for list formatting and text line spacing.
  - Improved support for Asian and far-east languages.
  - Improved table support and text inside shapes.
  - Improved support for text input fields.
  - Improved support for highlight colors.
  - Improved support for international date formats.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with extracting text from protected PDF files.
• Resolved problem with high CPU usage during text extraction.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.