Release Notes

PDF Shaper v7

Released 2-Nov-2016

New Features
• New PDF reading and rendering engine.
• Support of text watermarks.
• Support of DOCX documents
• Separated Encrypt and Decrypt tools.

• DOC to PDF tool improvements:
- Support for math symbols.
- Improved support for bookmarks.
- Support for dot/dash patterned lines.
- Improved accessibility support.
- Support for hatch pattern filling.
- Support for Unicode Surrogate Pair characters.
- Support for text inside shapes.
• PDF Viewer improvements:
- Added search box
- Improved PDF document loading speed
- Support for annotations and anti-aliasing fonts
• User interface has been improved.
• PDF Viewer and preview module have been improved.
• Improvements to command-line support.
• Translations have been updated.

Bug Fixes
• Rare bug with opening protected files.
• Bug with decrypting protected files.
• Minor bug fixes.