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Introducing PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper is a feature-rich PDF software that makes it simple to split, merge, watermark, sign, optimize, convert, encrypt and decrypt your PDF documents, also insert and move pages, extract text and images. The software is optimized for low CPU resource usage and operates in batch mode, allowing users to process multiple PDF documents while doing other work on their computers.

PDF Shaper v11.7

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Free edition

Free edition offers the most commonly used pdf tools and will be suitable for basic tasks and most of the home users.

Premium edition

Premium edition expands all features of Free edition with command line support, encryption tools and MS Word converter.

Professional edition

Professional edition is a complete set of PDF tools including OCR scanner, PDF viewer and also allows commercial use.

Desktop PDF software

Here are the key advantages to use desktop software instead of on-line PDF software or web-based services:

Offline PDF   Work offline. Internet connection is not required to run and operate desktop software.

Online PDF Security   Be secured. You donít need to load your (potentially highly sensitive) files on to a third party server.

Upload download PDF   Save time. You donít need to upload and download (potentially very large) documents or images.